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Dianna Agron is calling from the set of a music video. It’s a few days before Halloween, but she won’t be dressing up. She’ll leave that to her dogs – and her Twitter page will reflect the results.

Agron, who gained acclaim for her role as cheerleader Quinn Fabray in “Glee,” attended Burlingame High School. She wasn’t the popular mean girl; she spent her time in musical theater and dance. Part of her appeal might be that Agron, whom friends and family call Di, has a dichotomous quality of innocence and seduction – a slightly lower voice than you’d expect, paired with golden-girl looks that allow her to play a teenager at the age of 27 (as she did most recently in “The Family,” with co-stars Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones).

On Friday, Agron returned home to receive a Rising Star Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival. Past recipients include Adam Driver of HBO’s “Girls” and Felicity Jones of “Like Crazy.”

Q: You’ve been traveling all over the world lately. Is it a relief to travel closer to home for the film fest?
A: I think it’ll be really fun. I get to have my family there and don’t have to have them travel too far. Being from the Bay Area, when something so close to home wants to throw something so lovely at you, it’s extra special. It’ll be a great weekend.

Q: You grew up in Burlingame. How would you describe the evolution of your style since high school?
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Source: SFGate.com

Dianna recently did a gorgeous shoot for Byrdie Beauty, where she played with fall’s deep shades of burgundy:

If you want to shake things up as an actress, there’s really no better plan than going from bubbly, kind of bitchy cheerleader on Glee to daughter of a mobster in a Robert De Niro movie (The Family, out today). So if Dianna Agron’s up for change, we thought, we’re going to give it to her. In today’s editorial the actress goes a little goth, sporting the deepest darkest shades of Bordeaux on her nails, lips, cheeks, and eyes. “I would only wear dark lipstick like this on a very special occasion,” Agron says. “And be prepared to not be kissed all night!”

Makeup artist Georgie Eisdell prepped Agron’s skin with Chanel’s Vitalumiere Foundation ($55) and La Mer’s Powder ($65) before blending Nars’ Cream Blush ($29) in Constantinople along her cheekbones. From there, she built a Gucci-inspired smoky red eye and played with texture atop the darkest red pigments on Agron’s lips. “Dianna has the perfect face for makeup,” Eisdell says. “Her eyes are so beautifully almond so to enhance them even more with a bold color is so much fun, and she carries it off so well.”

Meanwhile, hairstylist Jenny Cho manipulated Agron’s blonde locks into everything from a slick, shiny ponytail to a Danny Zuko-like pompadour that—for a minute—made it look like Agron had gone short. “I’ve always been curious about a pixie cut,” Agron says. “My friend chopped all of her hair off this year, and she looks so elegant and chic.” In the meantime, Agron is thinking of going pink again: “You instantly feel precocious and people treat you so well; there’s something very childlike about it.”

There’s nothing childlike, however, about Agron’s sultry look in our fall shoot, above.

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Dianna is also featured in the September issue of Glamour magazine. Again thanks to FSR for the HQ scans. For more from Dianna, visit Glamour.com.

Here’s what she had to share with the mag:

On her fashion transformation: “There’s a great scene in the old movie Funny Face when Audrey Hepburn’s character is standing at the train station, posing and crying while the photographer, Fred Astaire, takes her picture. I couldn’t help but think of that cinematic moment when I was seated front row in Paris at my very first fashion show, the fall 2012 Louis Vuitton “train” show, where the venue was transformed into an old-timey train station. Taking in all the glitz and glam, I felt transformed too. From that point on, fashion was going to play a big role in my world.”

On getting dressed in Louis Vuitton: “I’m usually low-key, but when LV dressed me, I felt somehow mischievous and fabulous at the same time. But also, when I wore those gorgeous dresses and heels, I was reminded that, as an actress, the style choices I make influence how directors think of me. There’s power in fashion.”

On her favorite part of her Italy trip: “One of the best parts of the trip—besides going home with amazing new shoes—was when a group of young Italian girls ran up to me on the street and told me they loved me in Glee. It was one of the moments actors live for. I’m so glad I was dressed up for it.”

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Dianna Agron scored a feature in the September 2013 issue of NYLON Guys. Thanks to Fashion Scans Remastered for the HQ scans.

During her Q&A with the publication, the 27-year-old actress opened up about saying goodbye to “Glee” and working with acting legend Robert De Niro.

Check out a few highlight from this interview below. For more, be sure to visit NYLON Guys!

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Dianna writes about her five favorite Beatles songs!


I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Please Please Me, 1963)
I picture myself in a fabulous 70’s outfit, shaking my hair in the middle of a dance floor. Suddenly, a feeling creeps over me and I turn to look over my shoulder, only to lock eyes with a boy that’s staring at me. It’s our very first time for such an experience, nothing like this has ever happened before. We proceed to have the MOST epic dance-off which happens to make me feel like the sun AND the moon AND the stars. THAT is what this song makes me feel like.

ELENOR RIGBY (Revolver, 1966)
Love the strings, love the visuals, love it all. It’s dramatic, and full of insight. Where DO all the LONELY people come from?

I WANT YOU (SHE’S SO HEAVY) (Abbey Road, 1969)
One day I will grab a partner and we will kiss and be with each other SO VERY PASSIONATELY alongside this song. This person HEAVY because of how overwhelming our feelings are. This song is more than sexy to me.

LET IT BE (Let It Be, 1970)
This song makes me cry. The lyrics hit me to the core. It also reminds me of Kevin McHale, who auditioned for the show with this song. Don’t know what I would do without him, our ‘B’ as we call him.

IMAGINE (Imagine, 1971)
I know this is a John song, but I think I can cheat a little? To me, this is our earth song. It is something I wish more people could embrace, understand and practice in our life. John Lennon, you are my HERO. I often feel like a dreamer, and I KNOW I’m not the only one.

Source: Nylon.com

As you all know Dianna is the January cover of Nylon magazine, and they have released gorgeous outtakes from their photoshoot. The magazine hits newsstands next week, so be sure to pick up a copy.

For the millions of fans who watch Glee every week, Dianna Agron is the amusingly cruel and jaggedly sweet recovering cheerleader Quinn Fabray. But as we learned during our days with Agron in California, the actress behind TV’s most complex Queen Bee is thoughtful, mature, and more into photography than playing mind games. As her new website, You, Me, and Charlie, gears up for launch next week, we asked Agron to describe her online venture, and what else happens after the Glee Live! tour…

On her new website, You and Me and Charlie: “It’s mainly arts-based, but it’s also a forum for people to love and support each other. I realized that just by posting something, I can really influence someone’s day.”

On her Glee alter ego: “Especially in the beginning, [reporters] really wanted us to be like our characters, to simplify things… I was playing a well put-together popular character, and they were trying to push me into it, like that had been my entire life. And the whole time, my teenage self was crying at that.”

On her actual high school persona: “We watched Practical Magic and all of those movies, like The Craft. My friend’s mom had all these Stevie Nicks outfits, and we’d gypsy dance in her living room and have seances. We’d mix all these things from the refrigerator together and we’d look at it and be like, ‘This means you’re going to find true love when you’r 18 years old’.”

On her Glee audition: “They were going to scrap the character but Robert [Ulrich, the casting director] asked for one more chance. I went in and read, and they called me bak two days later, and he told me to come back and straighten my hair, and wear something sexy. I was like, ‘First of all, what is…”sexy”?’…I went to like, a CVS, and bought a straightener and straightened it at Starbucks.”

On Quinn Fabray’s future: “Essentially, I’m a senior, so, I’ll probably graduate this year.”

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Show Stoppers: Glee Comes to Fashion’s Night Out

“When Glee started, I had no idea who Marc Jacobs was. In no way was I a fashion person!” confesses Chris Colfer, who won a Golden Globe Award in 2011 for his depiction of the out-­and-­proud high school chorister Kurt. “I did all my shopping at my small-­town Target. Maybe if I dressed better I wouldn’t have had such a hard time in school,” he says, laughing a little ruefully. “Now, as Kurt, I get to wear all these amazing things, by people whose names I can’t even pronounce.” Those “amazing things”—­the singular looks that the cast sports both on-­ and, increasingly, offscreen—­have led, to the thrilled amazement of Colfer and his costars, to the cast’s current role as spokespeople for this year’s Fashion’s Night Out, the annual fall ritual that celebrates style and shopping, the joys of inventing your own look and having a ball while doing so.

Admirers of the show (Gleeks, in current parlance) know that their beloved characters express themselves not only through music—­there is also the matter of their deliciously quirky relationship to fashion, which makes them the perfect collective headliners for FNO. “From the beginning, I asked the costume designer to give each of these kids an archetypal identity,” recalls Ryan Murphy, creator and executive producer. “We didn’t want them to look like generic mall kids. Now their looks are being copied! On the show, they don’t get to wear designer clothes, except for Chris. In fact, people ask me all the time, ‘Where does he get those clothes in Ohio?’ ” (Answer: He orders them online.)

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Source: Vogue.com

I’ve added to the gallery the magazine scans of Dianna in the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine looking gorgeous. Below you can read the article featured in the magazine:

Rare Prey and the Impenetrable Force of Glee

It’s ballbusting work being part of tv’s biggest phenomenon. For Dianna Agron, the actress who plays alpha cheerleader Quinn Fabray on the FOX musical series Glee, it takes five time zones, four days, and one delayed flight to the UK (with a daytrip to Paris along the way), before she even has a moment to pop on the phone to chat quickly about her blossoming career. When she does, it’s 1:30 a.m. after a performance in Manchester, England—the first UK stop on the Glee Live! stadium tour—and she’s not even close to sleepy. “I’m a night owl,” Agron explains, “and you get such adrenaline from the show—it’s really hard to pass out straight away.”
It sounds like typical performer hype—the energy of the audience, blah, blah, blah—but to really grasp what she’s getting at you pretty much have to remember, this is Glee we’re talking about. The Gleeks, as the show’s rainbow coalition of dedicated fans call themselves, take Glee very. Very. Seriously. Internet forums are filled with fan fiction about co-star couplings and debates rage about which of the show’s female stars is the hottest. (For the record, Agron ranks as the show’s number one “classic beauty.”) Millions upon millions of people tune in every week to learn life lessons to a pop-music soundtrack as the show dishes out morals on unprotected sex (Agron’s character gives a baby up for adoption), inner beauty (her mean-girl Quinn hides an obese past), and sexuality (she loses the prom queen vote to a gay male character).

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So, we’ve been at Hard Rock Calling this evening in London’s Hyde Park and it’s from there that we bring you this HUGE news. Prince Harry (along with his cousins Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie) is currently doing a round of tequila shots with the cast of Glee and Gossip Girl. Together! All of them! Doing tequila! AMAZING.

We spotted the Glee cast arrive earlier on in the evening, when they headed straight to the Hard Rock bar at the festival. Chris Colfer (Kurt), Matthew Morrison (Mr Schu’) and Dianna Agron (Quinn) were among the crowd and they were all having a great time. And they all headed off as soon as the countdown to the Killers (who were headlining the show) began at 8.30pm….

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Dianna Agron’s Mistake Requires A Costume Change
“For one scene, Dianna was trying to run through an aisle where we’d removed some of the chair to make it bigger, and of course the one screw sticking up found Dianna’s foot and she goes tumbling like 3 or 4 feet and rips up the front of her knee. We had to put her in long dresses for a bit.”